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we picture - what was and always will be

, 13:17pm

Veröffentlicht von Timea


we⋅picture is a photoblog of two photographers who finally succeeded in opening a blog about their work.

Who are these two?

we picture - what was and always will be

• I was born and raised up in Austria - which lead to the experience that people in general don't know much about "my" country - or nothing at all

• Considering my DNA it can be said that I am 1/256 Italian - the rest should be Hungarian

• Languages I speak are German, English, Hungarian and French (on a smalltalk-basis) additionally I can understand some Italian

• I am married to a half-English man (which doesn't really make it easier for me to define my cultural background)

• I love: photography, text conception, laughing, eating, cultural differences

we picture - what was and always will be

• I am this half-English man causing so many troubles defining our background. But we agreed on the simple version telling that we are Austrians. We try to avoid confusing people.

• I wished during my whole childhood that I could grow up in England and now live in France. Don't ask what happened.

• I am a full-blood musician devoting two big parts of my leasure time to the photography and the music